Keeping children safe, strengthening families, and building healthy communities since 1899.

About Bethany


The mission of Bethany for Children & Families is to keep children safe, to strengthen families, and to build healthy communities.


Bethany for Children and Families will respond to the critical needs of Quad City region youth and families. The agency will provide quality services, contribute to innovative community collaborations, and lead in resolving community problems impacting families and children.


Bethany for Children & Families is a voluntary, not-for-profit social work and community service agency that has provided services to children and families in western Illinois and eastern Iowa since 1899. The organization staffs a professional team of 70 social workers, licensed counselors, case managers, and educators, directed by a Board of 15 community leaders. With 22 programs and services, Bethany serves more than 11,000 children and families annually. The programs and services of Bethany are accredited by the Council on Accreditation, a nonprofit accreditor of human services.

Originally, Bethany was predominantly a custodial facility that concentrated on the needs of children who were homeless or whose parents could not or would not raise them. Since 1938, Bethany has offered foster care and child welfare services. The agency has established a strong relationship with the various neighborhoods, towns, cities, and rural areas that comprise the Illinois and Iowa portions of the Quad Cities region. The agency has been known to be a friend of the family and one of the fixtures of this community – an organization that families can turn to in time of need.

Over the past 40 years, Bethany has moved beyond the provision of child welfare and adoption services to address problems and situations that impact the children, youth, and families of the Quad Cities area. During these years, Bethany developed and tested different early-intervention and prevention service modalities in its efforts to increase the effectiveness in its services and prevent family-of-origin disruptions. Bethany has a rich history in providing prevention and early-intervention services to at-risk youth and their families.

Funding sources include: the United States Department of Health and Human Services; the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services; the Illinois Department of Human Services; the Iowa Department of Human Services; Rock Island County Court Services; United Way of the Quad Cities Area; Dentaquest of Illinois; the Rock Island County (708) Mental Health Board; Donated Funds Initiative (Title XIX funds of the Social Security Act); and the generous private donors of Bethany.

Agency services include adoption; foster care; programs that provide counseling and therapy services to children at their school; a mobile dental program that visits children at their school to provide dental examinations and cleanings free of charge to those children who have no insurance or have Title XIX insurance; an after-school program that helps at-risk youth learn anger management and social skills; programs to help families and teens overcome homelessness; child welfare services that provide protective and preventative services to children who are at-risk or are victims of abuse or neglect; and education programs for junior high and high school students that teach self-esteem, respect, risks of sexual behavior, and responsibility.

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